Save Sunbank! Wildlife Walk – Saturday 3rd November


Saturday 3rd November 2012

Meet at 2pm at Hasty Lane, near Manchester Airport,  WA15 8UT

SEMA is organising a family friendly walk in the greenfields and woodlands of Sunbank in protest against Manchester Airport’s proposed plans for a ‘World Logistics Hub’.

These plans will lead to the eviction of local residents, the destruction of valuable greenspace and an increase in traffic congestion, noise pollution and carbon emissions from the Airport’s freight sector. The walk will be an opportunity for local residents and campaigners to come together to show their opposition to the expansion before the final decision is made on the application by the Planning and Highways Committee on the 22nd November 2012.

Click here for more information about the ‘World Logistics Hub’ planning application

Join us to oppose these unnecessary and destructive expansion plans. We will gather at Hasty Lane, and then walk to Sunbank around the affected area. Our route will take us through the green space earmarked for destruction, with opportunities to hear from local people and see local wildlife in its threatened habitat. The walk will finish with warm drinks in the nearby Romper pub.

How to get there

Train and bus/walk

Get the train to Manchester Airport station then either bus numbers 18 & 18A towards Hale Barns / Altrincham. Get off at the top off Hasty lane.

Or it’s 20 minute walk from Manchester Airport station.


Tram and bus

take the tram to Altrincham interchange and take buses number 18 or 18A towards the Airport/Wythenshawe. Get off at the top off Hasty lane.

Supported by Ringway Parish Council and Save Sunbank campaign Email:

Click here to sign the petition against the ‘World Logistics Hub’





Manchester Airport unveils plans to concrete former greenbelt land with ‘World Logistics Hub’

Manchester Airport has announced plans to concrete over former greenbelt land around Sunbank Lane to make way for a ‘World Logistics Hub’.  The area is currently home to residential houses and greenfields and also borders onto Cotterill Clough – a Site of Special Scientific Interest.

The plans involve the construction of around 43 warehouses and office units of various sizes on land adjacent to the A538, as well as 1,473 carparking spaces, 134 bike parking spaces and a re-landscaped green zone.   The plans form part of the wider Airport City Enterprise Zone.  More details can be found here:

The Airport ‘anticipate’ that 1800 jobs will be created over a 15 year period.  However, a report on the wider Airport City proposals in Autumn 2011 by the Campaign to Protect Rural England found that many of these job creation projections actually involved displacing pre-existing jobs from elsewhere in Manchester, as firms relocate to take advantage of the cheap business rates on offer.

The land around Sunbank Lane was recently taken out of the Greenbelt in the Manchester City Council’s ‘Core Strategy’ which was approved in July 2012.  Many residents say they were not informed or consulted of these plans.  Audrey O’Donovan said,  “As a resident and chairman of Ringway Parish Council I am appalled at the lack of consultation by Manchester Airport when removing Oak Farm and surrounding area out of the green belt and changing the planning status enabling them to once again encroach on our countryside. All in the name of so called progress. What concerns me is the World Logistics Hub as they have called this latest expansion will expand to the other side of the A538 spreading their operations still further into our very small Parish of Ringway.”

Location of World Logistics Hub to the southwest of Manchester Airport

The Airport have published an ‘informal’ consultation document with images of the plans.   They say they intend to submit a formal planning application to Manchester City Council at some point in August 2012.  Objectors will have 21 days of formal consultation period to submit their views upon registration of the application.

View of the area around Sunbank Lane as it is now

Stop Expansion at Manchester Airport organised a ‘Biodiversity Walk’ around the affected site in May 2010.  Shortly after local activists blockaded the current World Freight Centre and staged an airside protest around the wheel of Monarch Airline jet against plans to expand the airport and demolish local homes.

Steady State Manchester gathering at Madlab, Thurs 19th July 2012


A date and venue has been set for the next gathering for everyone interested in preparing Manchester for the post-growth world.

Please make a note in your diary now for the evening of Thursday 19th July. Between 6.30pm and 9pm dozens of people will pass through Madlab, 36-40 Edge Street, in the Northern Quarter. They will mingle with new friends and old, put forward ideas, learn about different ways that they can be involved, look at an early draft of some of the sections of the report.

Councillors to discuss Steady State Economics

from Manchester Climate Monthly

Next Wednesday 20th June 2012, councillors and citizens will discuss a report about Steady-State economics, at
Mancheser City Council’s “Economy Scrutiny Committee.” (See below for details)

This report was written solely by several council officers, despite a long-standing offer to work collaboratively from a group of academics, business people and activists (an offer the Council initially accepted).

Manchester Climate Monthly have re-posted (with permission) a critique of the Council’s report, pointing out its short-comings and offering constructive ways forward. It can also be found here.

The meeting starts 9.15am in Committee Room 11 at the Town Hall. It’s free, there’s no need to book. Some of us are meeting at the Waterhouse pub on Princess Street from 8.30am.

Climate Justice Collective Meeting – Sat 2nd June

12 noon – 6pm

Manchester Metropolitan Students Union (top floor)

Oxford Road, MANCHESTER (M1 7EL)

Following on from the Winter Warm Up in January, and the Big Six Energy Bash in May, join us for a day of reflection and future planning:

— How can we continue to connect the dots between economic, climate and social injustices?

— How can we strengthen links between the anti-cuts movement, Occupy, community action and climate groups?

Agenda for the Day:

Welcome and introduction to CJC for new comers

Brief updates from other initiatives (eg Fuel Poverty Action, BiofuelWatch, Kick Nuclear, Frack Off, Plane Stupid, Campaign against Climate Change, Occupy, UK Tar Sands Network) – unconfirmed

– Reflecting on the Big Six Bash mass action.

– CJC + Climate Camp – doing things differently

– Planning for the Future

What is CJC? Climate Justice Collective is a grassroots network of UK groups and individuals. We support and take action against the root causes of climate change and for a clean, affordable, democratic energy system. CJC formed out of the Camp for Climate Action following its decision not to organise on a national level in 2011. For more info see:

A travel pool will be made available to help cover transport costs. A kidspace can be made available – please email if you think you might require one. Likewise if you think you need crashspace.

GM MASS ACTION: Take the flour back!

Sunday 27th May– Rothamsted, Harpenden, Herts.

Stop the open-air release of GM Wheat that contains genes ‘most similar to that of a cow’.

Rothamsted have planted a new GM wheat trial designed to repel aphids. It contains genes for antibiotic-resistance and an artificial gene ‘most similar to a cow’.  Wheat is wind-pollinated. In Canada similar experiments have leaked into the food-chain costing farmers millions in lost exports. There is no market for GM wheat anywhere in the world.

This experiment is tax-payer funded, but Rothamsted hope to sell any patent it generates to an agro-chemical company. La Via Campesina, the world’s largest organisation of peasant farmers, believe GM is increasing world hunger. They have called for support resisting GM crops, and the control over agriculture that biotech gives to corporations.

‘Take the Flour Back’ will be a nice day out in the country, with picnics, music from Seize the Day and a decontamination. It’s for anyone who feels able to publically help remove this threat and those who want to show

their support for them.

MANCHESTER TRANSPORT:  £13-20 tbc – there and back on the same day.
Deadline for bookings 19th May.
Email for more info and to book your seat!

Climate Jobs Caravan – Manchester leg – Friday 25th May

Helping solve the climate & economic crises

On Saturday 12 May, the Climate Jobs Caravan tour of Britain started, with two caravans setting off simultaneously from London and Edinburgh. Organised by the Campaign against Climate Change Trade Union Group and based on the Million Climate Jobs report, produced with the assistance of the CWU, PCS, TSSA & UCU trade unions, the Caravan will highlight how creating climate jobs can help us tackle the twin crises of the economy and climate change. There is an inspiring 10 minute video that sets out what we can achieve. 

MANCHESTER – Friday 25th May

10.30 – 3.30 – Piccadilly Gardens, Queen Victoria Statue

4.00 – 5.30 – Cavendish St, corner of Oxford Road
6.30 – 7.00 – Albert Square

Join the Caravan cycle tour around the town and the universities:
6.00 from Cavendish Street, corner of Oxford Road

Public Meeting at 7pm in Friends Meeting House, Mount St, speakers include Richard Leese, leader of Manchester Council & Martin Empson (CaCC TU group)
Further information from