Climate Jobs Caravan – Manchester leg – Friday 25th May

Helping solve the climate & economic crises

On Saturday 12 May, the Climate Jobs Caravan tour of Britain started, with two caravans setting off simultaneously from London and Edinburgh. Organised by the Campaign against Climate Change Trade Union Group and based on the Million Climate Jobs report, produced with the assistance of the CWU, PCS, TSSA & UCU trade unions, the Caravan will highlight how creating climate jobs can help us tackle the twin crises of the economy and climate change. There is an inspiring 10 minute video that sets out what we can achieve. 

MANCHESTER – Friday 25th May

10.30 – 3.30 – Piccadilly Gardens, Queen Victoria Statue

4.00 – 5.30 – Cavendish St, corner of Oxford Road
6.30 – 7.00 – Albert Square

Join the Caravan cycle tour around the town and the universities:
6.00 from Cavendish Street, corner of Oxford Road

Public Meeting at 7pm in Friends Meeting House, Mount St, speakers include Richard Leese, leader of Manchester Council & Martin Empson (CaCC TU group)
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