Climate Camp Regional Gathering Up North AGENDA


Sunday 24th January 2010

11am – 6pm @ Bridge 5 Mill, MERCI, Ancoats, M4 7HR

11am Introduction & Housekeeping


11.30am Reflections on the last year

Small groups.
We are going to evaluate how well we managed to meet the aims of last year, discussing how effective the various actions and mobilizations were.


12pm Our composition and where we want to go pt.1

Self-organize by compositions – neighbourhood, affinity group, campaign group

How has your group interacted with the CfCA in the past?
How would you like to see your group relating to CfCA in the future?
Do you see obstacles to and reasons for your engagement?
How should the CfCA be organized?


12.30pm Feedback

Compositions feedback to the whole meeting

Facilitators: Andre, Hannah Mc,

1pm Our composition and where we want to go pt.2

Whole group discussion

Focussed on the key topics, tensions or ideas that have emerged from the previous session

Facilitators: Hannah G,

1.30pm Lunch

2.30pm Dates of the Year

Whole group
An overview is given of upcoming international events in Bonn, Mexico, Bolivia, International Day of Action,

Facilitators: Bert, Simon, Guy

3pm World Cafe

Number yourselves off from 1 – 6
In your numbered groups, six facilitators will rotate on the following topics and engage with questions where relevant:

1. Develop & Focus on Community & Local Struggle
What are specific challenges in engaging with community & workplace struggles?
Why would we engage with these forms of struggle?
How can CfCA engage with these struggles, and how can it engage?

2. Build connections with ‘other’ struggles
What connects different struggles?
What sort of struggles should we be connected with?
How should we connect with them?
Can we learn from previous connections between environment & social struggles? (eg. Dockers and RTS)

3. International networking
What does an international network mean?
Why would we be part of an international network?
How does an international network manifest itself?
How should a network organize itself?

4. What have the elections got to do with us?
Are there specific topics we ought to take a position on?
Can we rely on governments to take action on climate change?
Can we take action around the election, without getting drawn into questions around voting?

5. Just Transition
What do we mean by just transition?
What does just transition have to do with green jobs?
What issues does just transition raise for an anti-capitalist perspective?

6. Focus on ‘carbon-specific’ targets
What are the dangers of focusing only on ‘carbon’ targets?
Is it enough to focus only on carbon reductions?
By focussing on carbon specific targets, do we appear as a single issue movement?

Feedback for 15 minutes.

Facilitators: Robbie, Manc1, Manc2, Manc3

4.45pm Break

(World Cafe facilitators to meet with facilitators of next session)

5pm Whole Group Discussion

Focussed on the key topics, tensions or ideas that have emerged from the previous session


5.45pm Evaluation, Networking & Tidy up

Any Other Business



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